Our Approach

Hi, I’m Justin and I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you are here. If you are looking for answers because the world is just not quite making sense right now, then you’ve come to the right place. For just a few minutes a day, I ask for your undivided attention, your complete concentration, your absolute focus.

My information will be short in length, but high in proof. In exchange for your attention, I will not waste your time. As all of your answers must ultimately come from you. That’s right, I can’t teach you anything about spirituality. You must learn it on your own.

Our Story

Our story is the story of Us.

Goal of the Site

In this endeavor, all that I ask in payment for my words is your complete attention during that time. knowledge and understanding cannot compete with the the bright flashy lights of today’s distractions. I ask for 100% of your well intentioned focus.

I want to improve your focus, your visualization skills, your memory, your intelligence all while expanding your consciousness with every video that I post. Please understand that I do not want this to become infotainment. I need you to participate. So, I will only add one image per video to properly orient and anchor your imagination but for the most part, you’ll be creating the story.

You see, my words are just the framework of what you create from your thoughts. Use your imagination. Visualize the words that I say in vibrantly detailed images. Use my words to create a wonderful movie from your thoughts. Feel free to use your own creative mind how ever you wish by adding to my words with the experiences of your life. Add emotion and intrigue to your creations. Make them your own. Make them into something beautiful.

Or don’t and just meditate on the words. It doesn’t matter as long as you give me just a few minutes of your day.

And in return for your complete of attention, I hope to encourage you, to teach you, to challenge you, and to remind you of who you truly are and how powerful you can be.