Belief Part 1: To Exist In a Lie – Bonus: Beliefs Control Your Habits

What are beliefs?

According to Google, a belief is the acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. Please disregard this definition because it is incorrect.

Beliefs are a unique type of thought that act as our interpretation of the perceptions that come from our physical senses. Touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste. – Your senses receive information and the mind interprets them through thought. We call this type of thought a belief. Because our perception of the universe is flawed, our beliefs on our perceptions of the universe tend to be far from reality.

Our eyes can only see but a fraction of the color spectrum, our ears can only hear frequencies from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, our sense of smell is abysmal compared to a dog’s nose. What we are perceiving is an illusion and right now, our beliefs add just another filter to this illusion.

The Etymology of Belief

Fortunately, the creators of the wonderful word “belief” knew this and called these thoughts a belief to remind us of the belief fallacy. From belief, we get the word belie – belie is a verb meaning failing to give a true notion or impression of something.

Break the word down even further and we get Be or To exist as in to be or not to be and lie, which is an intentionally false statement.

Most importantly, encapsulating the word is the f add lie to the f and you get lief, which is a middle to Old English adjective meaning “esteemed, valued, or beloved.

Now that we understand the etymology of the word, we can see that today’s current definition of belief is completely incorrect.

A belief is a trick of the mind that creates our existance. They literally create our understanding of the universe so we can make sense of what’s happening around us. The value of this super ability will start to make shortly.But understand that these types of thoughts are lies!

Beliefs based on perception are rarely true. They simply aren’t real. They are merely a figment of your super powerful imagination that’s desperately trying to make sense of the universe around it.

For example, think about when you believed in Santa Clause or the Eater Bunny. Your mind truly believed that an old man on a magic sleigh brought presents to every Christian in the world on the same day that you believe is Jesus Christ’s date of birth. Then, the second you found out that Santa wasn’t real, the belief disappeared, creating a paradigm shift in your mind, possibly your first major paradigm shift that you’re able to remember.

Beliefs can never be real as long as your perception of the universe is false. We must find out that which are the facts about the universe before we can truly know anything. These are called First Principles. First things First, Principles come first. We need to understand the natural laws of the universe and build our existance based on fact Before anything else can be properly understood. We will get into Natural Law in later videos. I can assure you on that but do check the description section for YouTube’s best explanation of Natural Law by Mark Passio.

Remember, this is merely an introduction to beliefs. A definition and a mere taste of just how much they control.

You see, your preception of the universe is intrepreted by belief because your perception is so often wrong.

This belief controls your genes and your behavior. It even rewrites your genes and behavior. – Bruce Lipton does a much better job at explaining the science behind this statement genes and biology then I can so I will link you to his video on this in the description section below.

So, this makes beliefs the singular causal factor of your entire existance. And now you know that they are a lie. This means that you can make your beliefs anything that you want them to be as long as they exist within the boundaries of Natural Law.

Remember that what we are perceiving is an illusion but since beliefs are lies, we can create them to be alligned with Natural Law and First Principles, even though these principles are largely inperceptable to our 5 senses.

Belief must overcome your flawed perception of the universe. This alignment doesn’t constrict your mind, it sets it free to believe what you want and therefore, manifest your desires in the physical world.

Let’s take a less metaphysical example:

Habits govern 95% of your day. They are the outward manifestation of your beliefs, expressed in a loop. Cue, Routine, Reward – Cue, Routine, Reward – Cue, Routine, Reward. This loop is essentially your entire life in the physical world.

You wake up – this is your cue to start your morning routine and that warm cup of coffee is your reward.

Then you have your drive to work routine, your work routine, etc, etc, etc…

Please understand, habits are the effect, not the cause.

When we get bad habits, it’s because bad beliefs came first. We now know that beliefs are lies, so just change the belief.

Why waste time, willpower, and energy trying to change a bad habit, when the habit was built on a belief, on a lie? Kill the habit at its source. Kill the belief.

Your mind will always value your beliefs because beliefs ultimately lead to imperceptible understanding. This is why belief is such a wonderful word. Value is part of the definition of belief. They are intrinsically valued because they lead to truth.

But because they are in control of you, this means your conscious mind has the right and the super ability to make up whatever belief you want as long as it’s within the bounds of Natural Law, even if you think you are lying to your subconscious.

Remember, the subconscious can only take things literally. It has no concept of lying, it has no understanding of past or future tense. It exists in the now. Therefore, you could have completed a habit loop a million times prior but if today, you decide that that’s not who you are anymore, your subconscious mind will accept it as truth, as long as it understands what you are talking about. Of course, of course we’ve all consciously made changes in beliefs that did not manifest. I think that New Year’s Resolutions are a shining example of this failure. Don’t worry, we will get more focused on changing bad habits and how to properly communicate with your subconscious in later videos. There’s just too much to talk about on these subjects.


If you aren’t alligned to First Principles, by definition you truly live a life of lies. You manifest what you want in the real world by tricking your subconscious into doing that which you want with new beliefs. And you shouldn’t feel bad about tricking your subconscious because either way, trick or unconscious belief creation pattern, the belief is still a lie. The belief will manifest itself in the physical world regardless of whether its positive or negative for you. So why not make the belief something that you want as opposed to limiting it?

This is just a taste of what you can do once you understand that your beliefs are lies. As stated, I will go deeper into beliefs in later videos with examples, analogies, how to’s, all of that because these types of thoughts hold the key to higher understanding and now that you know that you are in complete control them, you’ll start to realize that you control the cause of your effects.

This is only the beginning my friends.

Until next time…