Introduction: Speaking To The Subconscious Mind

The Big Picture:

Conscious thought lacks repetitive power. Please understand that we all have around 50,000 thoughts per day. Of those 50,000 thoughts, We are consciously aware of only 5% of these thoughts.

From processing capacity to bits of information understood per second, The conscious mind cannot compete with the processing power of the subconscious. This is understandable because it was never meant to.

The conscious mind’s super power is that it can influence the thought patterns of the subconscious, although the process is unintuitive for a number of reasons.

As I’ve stated multiple times the subconsious also has no sense of humor, plays no jokes and cannot tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. It is timeless, meaning, it has no understanding of past or future tense. It exists in the now, only and always.

The subconscious mind does not work with language but with images, sounds, smells tastes, sensations, and emotions. When you think of the word apple, you may see a red, delicious, apple and perhaps can even feel, smell or taste it. This is your subconscious working for you. It is effortless and it can do that to anything you know and understand, even if you’ve consciously forgotten that you know and understand it, kind of like when you consciously forget the name of a person you just met but you can see their face in your mind, you just can’t consciously put the name to the face.

Language and words take on an entirely interesting understanding within the subconscious mind that we will dive deep into in this section because they play a major connecting bottle neck between the subconscious and conscious mind and for a number of reasons, this leads to a disconnect between the two.

The Central Nervous System controls most functions of the entire human system. This is your muscle memory. It is how you perform physical functions. It responds well to repetition in a unique way by remembering successful motion and forgetting unsuccessful motion. This is how we learn to throw a ball or pick up a pen. Any time you perform an unconscious movement, it is controlled by your sub conscious.

While this is an obvious observation, it is an important one because we can use this subconscious movement to speak directly to the subconscious. It can tell us what it believes through conscious questioning. This is a very important process in knowing thyself and changing habits by finding the root cause of the effects that you are manifesting in your life. We will learn this.

We will learn the importance of symbols and the ways the subconscious interacts with different types of symbols and how to use them to anchor a portion of those 47,500 thoughts produced by the subconscious mind to start to think about anything you want.

We will dive deep into the realm of goal setting, so you can set the big picture deep into the subconscious for it to figure out for you.

And we will learn so much more. This is only the beginning of what I hope will help shed light on a highly intuitive subject that we’ve all been misguided on.

Join me on this journey and have a good rest of your day.