Know Thyself

Temet Noscre! – Know thyself!

This is the root of all religion. – Know thyself!

No more sacred words written – Know thyself!

Your own self realization is the greatest service you can render the world said Rahama Maharishi

You must think about your own needs.

What are you?

What does that mean?

If you are directly linked to all things universal, what is the implication of that knowledge?

How can you apply it for growth or personal improvement?

How can you change what you neither know or understand?

You cannot, hence the need — the requirement — is to know yourself, which includes learning about EVERYTHING!

What is driving you?

What is pushing you?

What is your desire? Your need?

You have to stop and analyse your thought process.

Because if you keep making the same mistakes, you either like it or you haven’t figured out what it is that is causing you to drive into those mistakes.

As above, so below.

The principle of correspondence states that the established foundation literally defines the characteristics that are built upon it. This is how blueprints show you the entire structure of the building just by showing two dimensional lines.

The blueprint defines the house. Who or what you are defines your life. Understand the blueprints, understand your life.

“We begin with the inner self because we often discover that the only change that was ever necessary is within ourselves. It is EVER ourselves that requires the change, because once we have adopted a heart of love, we find that the world needs only more love and little else to become that much better for all, including you.” – The Modern Alchemist.

It must always start inward first and then outward. If you try outward first, you are going to fail.

Know thyself.

The reason why it’s been concealed for so long is because it’s so empowering. Gain access points to new and different kinds of consciousness by understanding who you are.

This is true Temet Nosce

The ultimate knowing of yourself

Ask yourself. What are you?

Every other creature has absolute instinct and undertanding of what it is. A kitten turns into a cat. A cub turns into a bear. They know this instantly.

Animals don’t need books on birth. They know exactly what to do during events that they’ve never even experienced before.

A squirrel will store acorns for the winter even if it’s never experienced winter in its life. Humans have forgotten much of that luxury.

Instant access to cosmic knowledge and understanding. That’s instinct. That’s what was lost or damaged as expressed through the battle of Horus and Sett in Khemetic tradition.

“Instinct is greater than intelligence” said Neitzche and I’d have to agree

We do not know how to be people. We have to be taught. Nothing else in the universe needs as much socialization as we need just to explain who we are.

Our freedom is our bondage. We can be anything. Yet, we are nothing without knowledge of the self.

Know thyself, my friends. And have a good rest of your week.