Part 1: Concentration

In a previous blog, I briefly explained the only true currencies of the world. It’s not man-made money. We acknowledge that money is just a placeholder, a symbol for knowledge and focused attention.

The two true currencies are time and attention. This is why we spend time and pay attention. This fact is written into our expressions, hidden in plain sight, if you will.

We learned that time is our most valuable resource and that time is finite. Our minds and bodies all have an expiration date and we cannot buy more time. What we can do is slow down time. Time is relative. The way we slow down time is by paying attention. The more conscious you are, the slower time goes, offering you more time to do or to be, to exist.

This is evident through the eyes of Larry Bird who commented on how he’d get into the flow of the game. He didn’t feel himself speed up, jump higher, or move faster, he saw everything slow down. It was like everyone was moving in slow motion. He was one with the game through concentration. Basketball became a meditative process for him and that’s what made him a top basketball player of all time.

The art of paying attention is learned by working on meditation.

In the early stages of the meditation process, what you are doing when you think you are meditating is actually concentration.

What is concentration?

Concentration is binding your mind upon a single object. When the mind wanders, you bring it back to the single object. This is concentration. Concentration is not the faculty of exclusive attention. It is a verb. It is the action of binding your mind to a single object and bringing your mind back to that single object when it wanders.

All minds wander. Your mind will wander. It is part of the definition of concentration. When your mind doesn’t wander, and it stays fixed, it gels with the object, it is no longer concentration. It is meditation. And, when you become the object of your meditation, this is Samadhi.

Yogi Raj – Concentration, Meditation, Transformation.

The here and now – this is the true power of paying attention. This is the true power of all things.

Part 1: Concentration, Part 2: Meditation, Part 3: Transformation or Samadhi.

Concentration is the doorway to meditation, making concentration fundamental to achieving a higher level of consciousness.

People say meditation is boring, that you don’t do anything. You are actually doing quite a lot in order to do nothing. You are cleaning out your mind, you are bringing back your focus to your meditation object. This is no simple task and it’s definitely not boring.

Concentration is fun. All you have to do is concentrate and meditation will come naturally. When your mind wanders, gently bring it back. When it wanders again, bring it back again.

Thoughts are like the pendulum swing found in the principle of rhythm. Imagine a pendulum swinging based on the the amount of time a thought takes you from your meditation object, which is located at the center of the pendulum. The left and right of the pendulum are associated with the two thieves of time. The thoughts of the Past to the left and thoughts, often fears, of the Future on the right. As the pendulum swings, you can lessen the swing to the left or right by acknowledging the thought bringing your mind back to the center, back to the now, and your meditation object. The principle of rhythm is not an instantaneous system, the pendulum will continue to swing and you will continue to bring your mind back to the center.

As long as you don’t give the pendulum swing more momentum as you continue to bring your mind back to the now, your thoughts will lose momentum, swinging to the left and right with less and less velocity, until the thoughts stop and this is where the process of meditation truly begins. This is the way of the Dao. Balance earned through concentration.

How do we concentrate better? I will save that for a later video. All that I wanted to focus on now is the foundation of paying attention, which is concentration.

Until next time my friends. And… Have a good rest of your week 🙂