Time & Attention – The Only True Currencies of The Universe

What is the only money that acts in accordance with Natural Law?

There only Two True Currencies that exist in the universe. They are time and attention.

This is why you spend time and pay attention. Understanding these concepts will get you True value.

Money is a play on word:

  • Mon meaning One
  • ey, meaning Eye
  • One Eye usually means conscious knowledge
  • physical currency means knowledge but it is merely the effect paying attention and spending time.

Tai Lopez says that money is any scarce, indemand resource. what’s more scarce than knowledge?

The symbology of American money is wonderful:

  • Green because it is the color between yellow, which associated with the mind.
  • blue, which is associated with preservation, and balance.
  • Green is the combination of these two colors, making it the capacity to preserve in concrete terms something from the mind. To preserve something from the mind, meaning to pay attention.

If we focus our time and attention on making man-made, symbolic money, the money will inevitably come as an effect of the cause, which was putting in the necessary time and attention.

If you disagree with me on this…

These currencies work in allignment with how we use symbolic money.

  • We get in return what we spend and pay but you must spend these 2 True currencies wisely therefore we must seek to improve the quality of our attention by placing it upon information that is capable of improving both ourselves and the whole.

Billionaire Warren Buffett understands that time is our most valuable resource because it doesn’t matter how many things you have, you cannot buy more time.

So spend your time wisely. Planning time out to spend on learning is an excellent start but without paying attention, during those learning sessions, you are wasting your time.

Paying attention is an art that is mastered through meditation. The more attention that is placed on a subject, the less time it takes to learn the information.

  • But you must learn how to learn first

You have to ask yourself three questions to find out about your existance in relation to the the True currencies. Understand that the answers are often not what you want to hear but may definitely be something that you need to hear.

Question 1. What am I spending my time on?

Question 2. What am I paying attention to?

Question 3. What kind of quality am I getting in return for these investments of my currency?

Question one, What am I spending my time on? Will tell you who you truly are. It answers what you are doing with your life.

Question 2, What am I paying attention to? What are you thinking about? Where does your attention go?

Question 3, What kind of quality am I getting in return for these investments of my currency? – This brings structure and realization to the first two questions. Is your life the way you want it to be? Do you feel fulfilled? Are the results of your investments giving you what you want? Are you happy?

Ask yourself these questions for an entire month and write them down in a journal. Find out if you are spending your most valuable resource wisely, Notice if you paying attention at the right times on the right things.

We will dive deeper into how to improve attention in future videos but first you need to give yourself a baseline score on how well you are utilizing your two True currencies.

Until next time my friends…